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The Humanity Hub is a service centre at which we address the holistic needs of a human being, starting with the most basic needs (like clothes, food, toiletries) and including a full range of services (counselling, skills training, medical and addiction referrals, family mediation, job preparation, creative workshops, micro entrepreneurial opportunities).

At present, the Hub is situated in the Community Chest Building at 82 Bree Street and is open on Mondays and Thursdays from 8.30–3. Together with our partners we are working towards finding premises for the Humanity Hub, which will then be open every weekday.

Our compassionate fieldworker, Tasneem Hoosain-Fielies, and her assistant, Moeshfieqah Bosch, work with every client individually using our CAST Model.

Souper Troopers and Mini Meltdown operate The Humanity Hub in collaboration with the Community Chest and Ladles of Love.

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